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I was appointed to the position of SGO in October 2015 and have loved the job more and more each year. I  have had 30 years of involvement in sport, seeing it from many angles. I have taught PE for many years at both primary and secondary levels, worked as a trampoline coach, volunteered as a Brown Owl, and I’m also a mum to two very sporty girls. I do feel that all these jobs & life experiences have given me a well rounded and empathetic view which benefits me greatly when dealing with the wide range of people & organisations that come with the SGO role.

My own personal sporting interests lie with playing team tennis for my local club, open water swimming and yoga. During the lock down I have reignited my love for off road cycling and have even managed to run 5km once a week – I hope I can keep it up!

l will continue to maximise sporting opportunities for pupils within all Sutton schools. The first part of this year it is most likely to be through virtual competitions and festivals. I find the prospect of this particularly exciting as it will give every pupil the chance to represent their school!

Tracey Milbourn SGO


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