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Our Services

Sutton SSP provide a broad range of services which are available to any school both within the London Borough of Sutton and beyond. Alongside delivering a comprehensive programme of competitions and participation events, we provide a full range of curriculum support in PE and Health Education and professional development opportunities. We have outstanding expertise in all areas - the team are qualified, highly experienced teachers who work closely with school staff to provide bespoke and detailed planning and support, using a range of market-leading resources to empower school staff to deliver High Quality PE.

A full list (although not exhaustive) of our services can be found here.

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We provide guidance with:

  • Self-Review/Action Plans
  • Policy, Curriculum and Development planning
  • Current Ofsted requirements
  • Progression of Skills/Assessment for Learning
  • Use of Schemes of Work
  • Use of Sports Premium Funding
  • Effective Monitoring and Performance management strategies
  • Inclusive practices

We support schools to:

  • Ensure curriculum is progressive and inclusive
  • Ensure teaching is high quality fostering independent learning
  • Achieve Healthy Schools London Accreditation
  • Achieve accreditation for high quality teaching and learning
  • Encourage children to achieve recommended daily Physical Activity levels of 60 minutes
  • Ensure swimming provision meets statutory requirements
  • Embed an ethos of creating positive relationships with physical activity for life through a whole school approach
  • Access appropriate training/guidance to ensure the delivery of High Quality PE
  • Make the playground a safe and active space though training for midday supervisors, young leaders, TAs, LSAs
  • Increase participation in physical activity/health and well-being opportunities both during school and extra-curricular
  • Deliver physical education with enthusiasm and confidence
  • Monitor delivery of PE through collaboration with teaching staff


  • Inset- whole day/half day
  • Twilights/staff meetings
  • One to one/Meetings
  • Model Lessons/Team Teaching
  • Termly PE Coordinators Meetings

In addition we will:

  • Plan and deliver a range of inclusive, participation led sports festivals providing intra and inter competition opportunities for all pupils.
  • Advocate participation in School Games activity to pupils/staff/parents and support the School Games Organiser (SGO) where needed to deliver a calendar of High Quality Competitions across all key stages including support to achieve accreditation for participation.
  • Provide termly PE Coordinator Meetings and an Annual PE Conference
  • Provide regular Professional Development opportunities for NQTs, PE Leads and other members of staff in PE/PA/Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Assist with identifying/developing/facilitating the workforce of young leaders especially at primary level
  • Collate and provide data for any activities when required for reporting
  • Regularly report through website news articles and twitter, activities undertaken, in promotion of partnership
  • Liaise with Key Partners to enhance our offer to all schools
  • Engage with local, regional and national initiatives and strategies to achieve increased participation for ALL children