School Games is also committed to training large cohorts of young people as Sports Leaders. In Sutton we offer both a bespoke primary and secondary programme. These leaders will then be equipped to help deliver lunch-time clubs, intra-school events, as well as borough pathway competitions.

SUTTON SUPREMO ACADEMY is our senior leadership programme. Leaders are usually selected from the Y9 cohort. After a launch evening, the training vehicle is the LYG ‘Games Force’ leadership programme, followed by additional sessions to prepare leaders to deliver specific primary events. Leaders will receive a T-shirt and whistle. Cost is £30 per student. (Contact suttonsgo@carshaltonboys.org for more details)

We are proud that virtually every secondary school in the borough hosts at least one primary event during the year. This extends the number of students who get involved in the delivery of our large scale sporting events and more YP can gain some leadership experience.

JUNIOR SUPREMOS is our extremely successful primary leadership group. During the autumn and summer term, training dates are posted onto the calendar. Groups of up to 15 pupils are invited to attend a host school, where they undertake a 2 ½ hour session which covers the basics of leadership and communication skills, finishing up with putting these newly learnt skills into practice by delivering an activity session to a group of KS1 pupils. This model where pupils from different schools mix is extremely beneficial experience leading up to the transition into secondary school. Bespoke training for individual schools can also be arranged. For enquires contact info@suttonssp.co.uk.

BUBBLE LEADERSHIP A useful document which illustrates how leadership activities can be carried out within bubble groups. https://www.youthsporttrust.org/bubble-leadership