SSP1 271

ECT Training

We understand that the amount of PE during teacher training can vary from 3 hours to 3 years. Many teachers have told us that PE is one of the subjects they feel least confident in, for a variety of reasons. We cannot promise to cover everything, but over three training afternoons, teachers will be given some valuable tips to enhance their delivery of high quality PE lessons. Whilst these sessions are fun and active, they are packed full of useful ideas and knowledge to increase your confidence when working with your class in a different environment.

This is also a chance for you to network with other NQTs and share experience and knowledge.

We will cover:

  • Lesson organisation: how to structure a high quality lesson
  • Warm ups: a bank of useful warm up resources
  • Active 30:30: what this means and how to achieve it
  • STEP principle: how to manage a  lesson 
  • OAA/Teambuilding : some enjoyable lessons for you to try with your children
  • Outdoor Learning: how can you teach any subject outside and be active?
  • Behaviour management: ideas on how to manage children and their behaviour beyond the constraints of a classroom 
  • Introduction to Sport Specific lessons: Gymnastics,Games, Athletics, Dance 
  • Dice work: Demonstrate how versatile dice are for a myriad lessons.
  • real PE: Introduce the philosophy of Create Development and demonstrate the use of Jasmine - the online learning platform
  • Merton scheme of work: Explore the resource as an alternative to real PE