SSP1 251

Supervisor Supremos

Lunchtime supervisorA Midday Supervisor Role can be not only rewarding but demanding at the same time. It requires effective supervision, whilst maintaining the health, safety, welfare, good conduct and safeguarding of pupils during the midday break.

Sutton SSP can work with your midday team to empower them to champion physical activity and healthy habits by creating a safe and positive environment. Workshops can be bespoke to your school, designed together with you, around your needs. They can last from 1.5 - 3 hours OR you can attend one of our termly workshops.

20220504 110740In this practical workshop you will

  • Experience a range of easy to organise, fun activities and games
  • Look at how to structure the playground, maximising areas for activity including how to store, use, buy and maintain equipment.
  • Discover and develop effective communication techniques 
  • Practice working effectively as a team
  • Discuss how to advocate making healthy choices 20220504 105749
  • Share positive behaviour management strategies
  • Learn how to be a good role model 
  • HAVE FUN!!!!

Included with the training is our very own PLAYGROUND GAMES TOOLKIT