Play Included

Play included

The Brick-By-Brick Programme

Sutton SSP is licenced to deliver facilitator training for the Brick-By -Brick Programme, LEGO® play based learning for neurodivergent children. We will be offering the new suite of training from September 2021. Scroll down for courses in June 2021.


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Who are Play Included?

Play included 2Play Included C.I.C. is the leading resource in the Brick-by-Brick™ programme, advancing its use and sharing it with the world. They are a small team with a big ambition. Bringing together years of experience in child development, mental health and education, Play Included specialize in supporting young people on the autism spectrum, as well as any young person who needs support to develop socially. Sutton SSP is licenced to deliver the Brick-by-Brick™ programme.


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