EYFS PD Training workshop


EYFS PD Training workshop delivered by SSSP

The EYFS training workshop delivered on Thursday 30th September was an afternoon full of everything that is Physical Development. 
The workshop delivered a greater understanding of: 
*Physical Development as a prime area of learning and where it stands in the new Early 
     Years Framework (September 2021); 
*Physical activity and everyday tasks young children should engage in during these 
        informative years to develop balance, stability and stamina
*Physical Activity is vital in children's all-round development. 

We un-picked the framework identified those important fundamental skills and understood the three main types of physical activity for the under-5s:  
Physically active play          Developmental activity            Everyday Activity 

Having taken all this in the Early Years practitioners had time to share experiences and ideas with each other followed by an active session through stories. Each group used a book as stimulus to match travel, movement or balance to the story, we particularly enjoyed
 Can you curl up like a ball by Charles Fuge and Vicki Churchill, have a look for yourself!