Tri-Golf Event - All Saints Benhilton 05/05


Tri-golf Event @ All Saints Benhilton

  Wednesday 5th May 2021

Aiming for the target!

The Tri-golf festival for Years 3 & 4 was a big success at All Saints Benhilton, our pupils loved the different and varied activities as well as the opportunity to be physically active. 

We were very fortunate on two counts: firstly, for the amazing activities organised and delivered by our SGO Tracey & Kelly from SSSP and secondly, for the very nice weather which enabled the event to go ahead on our school field!


Having a go too!

We participated in six activities for approx 5 mins each time.

They included:

- Go for the Green

- Zone Ball

- Tunnel Ball

- Grand National

- Bullseye

- Dominoes

Our favourite was Bullseye!


Action photo!

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