All Saints Benhilton - Team Building 15/06


The Team Building challenge at  All Saints Benhilton for years 5 and 6 was a great accomplishment; as the children were encouraged to work together, solve challenges and get prepared for  some, when they mix off and go to secondary school! 


The children did a variety of activities; getting them to work together to reach the end of the field on the ski planks, problem solving riddles with the fox and the chicken and a newspaper challenge - which was rather tricky! 

They completed an activity called  ‘hoop around the circle game’. This is where they were all holding hands together, ensuring that they stayed connected and tried to pass round three hoops without breaking the chain!

ASB4Encouraging the children to focus on their instructing and listening skills; they completed a game where they had one communicator who instructed the rest of the team who were blind folded holding onto some rope. They had to create a circle or another shape by giving them instructions without looking! 

Image1ASBAll the children thoroughly enjoyed the chain relay! In this activity one person ran to the end of the relay and back and picked up another person who joined the relay creating a chain. They continued until the whole team were one big chain! With a few hurdles on the way, they managed to get into the team spirit and help each other out. 

The children completed the ‘Gutter run’. For this activity the children had to join their pieces of gutters together and roll a tennis ball down making sure that it didn't roll off the other end. To ensure that this didn't happen they had to run around and add their piece at the end.